Aryan Bakle

A young aspiring Drone Enthusiast who loves creating aerial art.

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Back Waters of Honavar in Karnataka feels just like Magic, visiting them in the early mist and capturing this beauty is all that a photographer wishes,

I saw a heavenly scenario behold me, while I was on a flight to Kashmir, and didnt waste a second clicking this picture

Kodi Beach is amongst the most untouched beaches in Karnataka. Never knew its aerial perspective would be so surprising.


Mythical Fall's

It is all about the time when I visited University Of Kashmir, I noticed how amazingly beautiful was it. It felt like, "all at once, summer collapsed into falls"



Chicham Bridge in Spiti Valley is simply so alluring. Watcing the stream of water pass by from the depths below and walking upon that bridge, just gives peace


Abstract Tennis

I remember I used to play Tennis when I was 8 years old, after 9 years, came back again to the same Tennis court where I used to play but this time to take this spectacular shot.


Gazing Bullocks

Far far away, in the mountains of Spiti Valley, came across a open grassfield where these bullocks were grazing. With perfect light upon them and the shadows being created, I knew this would be my dream photograph.

Beaches of Udupi, Karnatak are just too distinctive. With unusual shaped pattern of rocks on the sea shore of Mattu Beach, I knew the aerial view of this place would me mind blowing

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